What we do


Our unwavering commitment involves spreading the Gospel to people worldwide using diverse approaches, accompanied by a profound demonstration of God's love, aiming to touch hearts and souls with the transformative message of faith, hope, and compassion.​


Evangelist Rohit Londhe has been preaching the Gospel since he was 12 in India and his blogs are read across the world. here are few pictures of his meetings.


While in the presence of God during prayer and fasting, Rohit was shown the global need for Bibles, not only for non-believers but also for those who know Christ. As a result, he made a significant decision to distribute one million free Bibles worldwide, reaching out to both those unfamiliar and familiar with Christ, who lack access to the Scriptures.

Through God’s guidance and the generosity of givers, we are working together to achieve this goal. 


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With your support, you can help us get the Word out and distribute 1 million Bibles. 

"Not I, but God will complete what He has started—I place my trust in Him."

Evangelist Rohit Londhe