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Countless people in the world lack Bibles due to many reasons. Therefore, we have decided to distribute one million free Bibles worldwide in every language available on the planet. We want every child of God to have their own Bible to read and study.

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Our Mission is to  preach the Risen Jesus in every way possible by the proclamation of the Gospel all over the world, edifying the body of Christ while bringing clarity and understanding of God’s word through written blogs and transforming the lives of believers and non-believers alike by enabling access to the word of God through the distribution of Bibles and Christian literature. 


Our vision is to see a blessed generation of believers full of the Holy Spirit and fire, equipped and empowered by God to fulfill their purpose.

we are all about making Christ known to the world.

Proclaiming The Gospel

We preach the Gospel to all people around the world in every way possible while demonstrating the love of God.

Teaching God's Word

We post Christian blogs to help believers in Jesus to get revelation from God's Word to apply to their own lives. 

Helping Hand

We distribute Bibles and Christian literature to believers and to the lost to bring change to their lives. 

Recent Blogs


Should Christians watch horror movies?

While growing in the Lord, we all get tied up and confused by some questions, you are not alone struggling with questions like this. People ask questions because it shows they are curious and want to change, and to be a better child of God. Now, whether a child of…

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How to have strong faith in the Lord?

How to have strong faith in the Lord?

I am sure you are as curious as I was when I wanted to know more about faith and how it works in the lives of believers. Faith is very important and we as children of God can’t please God without it. “without faith, it is impossible to please Him”…

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How to live the Psalm 15 life?

How to live the Psalm 15 life?

PSALM 15 EXPLANATION I remember my pastor asked me to memorize Psalm 15  when I was 12 years old. I did it as a task, but now that I read it, I can understand why my pastor told me to memorize it.  Psalm 15 talks about the qualities that a…

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woman crying image.

What does the Bible say about worry? Matthew 6:25-34

What does the Bible say about worry? Matthew 6:25-34 In the midst of challenges in life and uncertainties, it can be hard to become strong and not worry. However, the Bible commands every believer not to worry, but to rely on the Lord for their needs. Let’s explore and understand …

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What does the Bible say about honesty ?

What Does The Bible Say About Honesty?

“The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in people who are trustworthy.” Proverbs 12:22 In a world, full of false people and lovers of wickedness, embracing honesty and righteousness is rare. The Bible talks about the significance of honesty in the eyes of God and leading us to be…

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Best Bible Verses About Patience

No man in the world likes to wait and have patience but anything that is precious and unique takes time to be created. If something is taking longer, then it means it’s something special. Jesus told His disciples to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the gift from the Father…

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What does it really mean to be blessed?

What does it really mean to be blessed ?

The world has its own definition of a blessed life. The world says a man who has wealth, fortune, luck, health, and fame is considered blessed. Somewhere, at some point in life, that might be true, but not as true as the Bible’s definition.  According to the Bible, being blessed…

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Bible Verses about Temptation

Bible Verses about Temptation

Bible Verses about Temptation Since sin has entered into the world through man’s disobedience to God’s command, all are sinners. We can be set free from the punishment of disobedience and save our souls from burning in eternal fire by believing in Jesus. But the Devil still works and he…

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"Not I, but God will complete what He has started—I place my trust in Him."

Evangelist Rohit Londhe