What is Christmas? Why do we celebrate it on the 25th of December?

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            I had the same question that you have in your mind right now, What is Christmas?. As a believer of Jesus Christ, we must know what this day is all about and why we Christians celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December all around the world.

                                   Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Origin of Christmas:

The word “Christmas” comes from the “Mass of Christ”. Christ means Jesus, Mass means death, and was coined originally by the Roman Catholic Church. The Christ-mass service was allowed to take place after sunset and before sunrise the next day, so people would have it at midnight. So we get the name Christ-Mass, in short, “Christmas”.  Christmas is celebrated on 25th December but nobody knows exactly which day Jesus was born because the Bible is silent on Jesus’ birth date. The early Christians certainly had many arguments as to when it should be celebrated.

Christmas has been said to be celebrated on the 25th of December because the winter solstice and pagan Roman festivals took place on this date. Since people were already celebrating events, therefore, it was easy to include Christmas in their festivities.

Another reason that Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December is that the day Mary was told that she would be having Jesus (The Annunciation Day) was on March 25th and nine months after this is December 25th.

             There are many theories as to why Christmas is celebrated on December 25 (click to read ). The first time that Christmas was celebrated on December 25th was in 336A.D. during the time of Roman Emperor Constantine.  

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The real meaning of Christmas:

Once again Christmas has come with all its joy. Most people are busy decorating houses, windows, and Christmas trees. They are getting ready to gift their loved ones, have delicious meals with family and friends, and shout “Merry Christmas”. Is this really Christmas?

Jesus’ birth shows the unlimited and great love of our heavenly Father to us because He gave His only son for us so that we can spend eternity with Him through Jesus Christ. Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and it’s a great event for all Mankind. Angels, shepherds, and wise men all were sharing this great event with joy and happiness because they knew this baby was not an ordinary baby         (Luke 2:4-19, Matthew 2:7-12).

There are many prophecies in the Old Testament that talks about Jesus’ coming in the world. The first time that God Himself prophesied about Jesus’ coming is when men sinned against God in the Garden of Eden. 

“And I will put enmity between you and the woman, And between your Seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His Heel.” (Genesis 3:15)

When men sinned, he lost his relationship with God and the wall of sin was established between Men and God. God loved His children from the beginning. That’s why He made a powerful plan that He would himself take birth from a woman’s womb as Jesus (which many scholars believe that the Woman’s seed was Not by man but through Holy Spirit) to destroy the Devil’s kingdom and save His children.

According to Matthew Henry’s commentary, His suffering and death pointed at Satan bruising His heel that is, His human nature. The suffering of saints today for Christ’s name’s sake is a continuation of His suffering. The devil tempts them, persecutes and slays them; and therefore, bruises the heel of Christ, who is afflicted in their afflictions. But while the heel is bruised on earth, the Head is in heaven.

In His victory over Satan, Christ baffled Satan’s temptations, and rescued souls out of his hands. By His death, He gave a fatal blow to the devil’s kingdom, a wound to the head of this serpent that cannot be healed. As the gospel gains ground, Satan falls. So, Jesus’ birth fulfilled many prophecies along with Genesis 3:15.  

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My friends, while celebrating and enjoying the great event that happened about 2000 years ago, don’t forget Jesus Christ and the reason behind His coming. Sadly, many people, including some Christians, celebrate Christmas with alcohol and many more things that are unholy. Celebrate Christmas in a way that God loves, spend time with Him, and worship Him with family and friends because it’s His birthday and I don’t think when we are celebrating our spouse’s/friend’s birthday we celebrate it without him/her. Do we? No!

For me, the 25th of December is not the only date of Jesus’ birth. I want Him to take birth in my heart every single day. I celebrate Christmas every day.

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